July 12th , 2018

Music is situational. What you feel at a moment, in a particular place, in a certain state of mind might not be the same again.

Today was a day of strands: fatigue from late night watching World Cup football, an expected-to-be-difficult meeting with a business client, my lovely girlfriend's 50th birthday, her mother being diagnosed with breast cancer. All in one day. Days can be kind; days can try to kill you.

But at the end of that day called "Today", red wine in hand, and a random pick of music off the shelf yielded 'Kent's Magic Touch' - a compilation of wonderful soul music complied by Ady Croasdale.

Where is the music today where singers sing? Where is the music today where real people play instruments? Where is the music compilation today where thought has gone into the selection and order?

As I write, "My Heart Cries For You" by Porgy and The Monarchs bursts out. So perfect. Right now. At this moment. The threads of my day coalesce.

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