Fast Audio Waveform Rendering in iOS

This short set of videos guides students through a number of techniques for optimising the speed of rendering audio waveforms on-screen.  The primary technique uses the Accelerate Framework for processing audio sample data but other techniques, such as Affine Transforms and parallel, multi-threaded file reading are covered. (Course hosted on: Thinkific)


The Complete Bluetooth™/IoT Design Course for iOS

This fully featured design course guides students through the front-to-back process of building an iOS application linked via Bluetooth™ Low Energy to an ARM Cortex-M3 embedded MCU running a real-time OS. Students end up with a complete working product - RGB LED strip accent lighting - while learning Bluetooth™, DMA, interrupt handlers and real-time OS concepts.  Coding is in Swift (iOS) and C (embedded). Requires a CC2640R2 LaunchPad and SK6812 Booster Pack.