iOS Audio Waveform Rendering using the Accelerate Framework

This is a presentation that I gave in August 2017 to the Tokyo iOS MeetUp Group.

The code shown here is Objective-C and I have since re-written this in Swift 4.0. While doing so, I also changed and refined a lot of the code with the intent of speeding up the code even further.

The outcome of that effort will be posted here in the very near future.

5 Replies to “iOS Audio Waveform Rendering using the Accelerate Framework”

    1. Hi Alex,

      Yes, I can send you the presentation (I’ll send it too your email However, I’ve moved all the code over to Swift and, in the process, a lot has changed (improved). I have not written up a new presentation yet so I will make some notes on my email to you on anything important that has changed.

        1. Nathan,
          Apologies… I went off on holiday and completely forgot about sending the materials on. Are you still interested? If so, I’ll send asap.

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