Bluetooth/IoT Workshop for iOS

Welcome to the Bluetooth/IoT workshop for iOS developers.

Getting Started

There are 5 items that need to be installed before starting the workshop:

  1. Code Composer Studio (CCS) from Texas Instruments (Free)
  2. SimpleLink™ CC2640R2 SDK (Bluetooth stack) from Texas Instruments (Free)
  3. SimpleLink™ Academy CC2640R2 SDK (example starter projects) from Texas Instruments (Free)
  4. BLEWorkshop project files
  5. LightBlue Explorer® iOS application from Punch Through (Free)


Installing Code Composer Studio (CCS)

  • Select the Web Installer for MacOS. This will download the Installer zip file to your Downloads folder
  • In Finder, navigate to the Downloads folder, double click the zip file to unzip it then double click CCS web setup file

  • The Installer will run through a number of screens. After performing a compatibility check, the Installer will display a Texas Instruments' license agreement. Read through the agreement, click "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and then click Next

  • By default, the Installer will install CCS in ~/Applications/ti. Change this if you would prefer CCS installed in a different location. Click Next to continue.

  • The Installer now shows a list of device type families that CCS can support. Select "SimpleLink™ CC13xx and CC26xx Wireless MCUs" and then click Next to continue.

  • The next screen, "Unsupported Boards" provides information on T.I. boards that are not supported on OSX. This can be ignored. Click Next to continue.

  • In the next screen "Select Debug Probes," select the option for "TI XDS Debug Probe Support" (usually, this will be selected by default). Click Finish to complete the installation of CCS.

  • After the Installer has completed installing, a final screen is displayed. Check "Create Desktop Shortcut" if you want a shortcut on your desktop. Click Finish to exit the Installer.


Installing SimpleLink™ CC2640R2 SDK (Bluetooth stack)

  • Create a "ti" folder in your home directory ($HOME/ti). This is where the SDK files and work files will be located. Creating this directory under your "Home" directory (/Users/<username>/ti) is the preferred approach but you can locate it anywhere you want provided that there are no spaces in the pathname. The CCS build process utilises make/cmake which will not work if you have spaces in the pathname
  • In your browser, navigate to and click on the "Resource Explorer" box

  • In the Resource Explorer, enter "CC2640" into the search box and then click on the CC2640R2 Launch Pad in the dropdown

  • Resource Explorer now shows a list of resources applicable to the CC2640R2 Launch Pad. In the lefthand pane, click on "SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK - v:" (the version at the time of writing is

  • In the righthand pane, click on the download button to download the SDK

  • Review the Texas Instruments license agreement and click "I Have Read And Agree" to start the download

  • While still in the righthand pane, click on "SimpleLink Academy"

  • The SimpleLink Academy page is now shown. Click on the download button in the top right corner to start the download

  • There are now two zip files in your Downloads folder. Double click on each one to unzip the file then drag both unzipped folders to the $HOME/ti folder created earlier

Installing SimpleLink™ Academy CC2640R2 SDK



Install BLEWorkshop files

  • Clone from GitHub, import into CCS, build stack project, build app project


Install LightBlue Explorer® iOS application



  • To uninstall Code Composer Studio, drag the directory containing CCS to Trash